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HAPPY CHRISTMAS! The Battle of Trenton: Avenging the Loss of Forts Washington and Lee

The British took captive 2,800 Americans and vital supplies in the Battle of Ft. Washington and the siege of Ft. Lee, 11/16 & 19/1776.  Nathanael Greene’s faulty strategy as commander of the forts left the Continental Army demoralized.  Gen. Washington needed a victory to resupply and hearten his troops.  Secretly, he planned his next move with the help of  American spy, John Honeyman.  The Hessian encampment in Trenton, NJ was the target.  Honeyman informed the General of the Hessian’s plans for a drunken bout on Christmas.  Washington decided to surprise them in the aftermath of their festivities.

American Troops, 2,500 strong, made their famous crossing of the icy Delaware, during a Nor’easter, successfully lead by Generals Washington, Greene, and Sullivan.  Hessian casualties –  100, with 900 taken captive, along with needed supplies.  American casualties – 4 wounded.

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