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Memorial Day began as a day to honor soldiers who scarified their lives in the defense of the United States of America. Once upon a time, it was viewed as a solemn day. ┬áToday, Memorial Day is a day off work; a day to barbecue and party; a day to shop the sales. It is now a holiday to celebrate the imminent arrival of summer. The deterioration of this solemn day is astounding. Minimal thought is given to those who offered the ultimate sacrifice. And, even in attempting to do that, we somehow feel the need to include all deceased who served in the military; those who died with no association to the military; and living veterans as well. Is it that we’ve lost our respect for the fallen soldier? Or has war become so commonplace and difficult to define that we just shut it out?Certainly the conflicts and wars declared since WWII have been complex (by design?). We no longer send our young men (and women) to defend our freedom and liberty as Americans, but to purchase it with their blood for other nations.┬áPolitically contrived wars and constant violence as entertainment have desensitized us. We no longer feel anguish for the untimely death of a soldier or sincere gratitude for his/her sacrifice. Patriotism is all but dead in today’s America.

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