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the truth behind whitey bulger

     Author, lecturer, and screenplay writer, Janet’s genre is rarely seen. She is the author of two books on forgotten heroes of the American Revolution: Liberty’s Martyr: The Story of Dr. Joseph Warren, and Freedom’s Cost: The Story of General Nathanael Greene.

     Her passion for the American Revolution is evident. In her writing, Janet presents biography through the living, breathing form of biographical fiction. The characters lived; the events occurred.  The dialogue carries the stories. Janet firmly believes that when the private lives and unique personalities of historical figures are presented, and the dynamics between these characters brought out, history becomes much more than cold black print on a stark white page. History takes on a life of its own, with true flesh and blood individuals whose acts of courage, indifference, or cowardice shaped the world we live in today. This living history helps us relate to those who have gone before – offering inspiration, courage, and a sense of determination.

     Janet served on the Board of Trustees of the Nathanael Greene Homestead, and on the advisory board of the Mulberry Grove Foundation. Her lecture on Nathanael Greene was instrumental in the Valley Forge monument project (8/7/15) by the General Society of the Sons of the Revolution.

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Janet has spoken extensively, and to a wide variety of audiences including:

–  State of Rhode Island’s dedication of the General Nathanael Greene Memorial 

– Bridge (along with RI’s Governor and US Senators)

–  Bunker Hill National Historical Park

–  Adams National Historical Park

–  USS Constitution

–  Rhode Island Historical Association

–  Rhode Island Genealogical Society

–  Triennial of the General Society of the Sons of the Revolution

–  Congress of the National Society of New England Women

–  Northeast Regional Conference on the Social Studies

–  Descendants of Washington’s Army at Valley Forge

–  SAR New England celebration of the Victory at Yorktown

–  SAR, DAR, SR chapters throughout the country

–  Students from the elementary through college level  

Janet served on the jury of the James “Whitey” Bulger trial. Following said trial—with more questions than answers—Janet corresponded with and interviewed Bulger. In 2018 she published a roman a clef of her experience in the trial and research thereafter titled The Truth Be Damned.

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