Janet Uhlar | Bulger Murder — My Interview

Bulger Murder — My Interview

Following the murder of James “Whitey” Bulger, I did an interview on WBZ radio’s NightSide with Dan Rea.

(Dan’s a great guy and a great interviewer, this was my second interview with him. For those not familiar with Dan Rea, he was instrumental in obtaining freedom for Joseph Salvati, who was falsely accused of murder by mafia hitman Joe “The Animal” Barboza. Around 1965, Barboza became a top-echelon informant for the FBI and the reason the Witness Protection Program was started. Barboza, with the assistance of certain Boston FBI agents and a seemingly complicit Boston US Attorney’s Office, framed Salvati and three others for a murder he committed. The FBI agents protected Barboza and even testified against the 4 innocent men in Federal Court. Two of the four died in prison. The other two were released, and finally acquitted of the murder after spending more than 30 years behind bars for a crime they had no part in. The assistant US attorney involved in prosecuting the four innocent men (questionably with full knowledge of the truth) was later seated as a Judge in Bristol County, MA. He recently retired, and receives his full pension — so reminiscent of the former, murderous FBI agent John Morris who received no punishment from the Boston US Attorney’s Office and Federal Court for his blatant corruption and role in the murders of a few of Whitey Bulger’s victims! Morris, like the unnamed judge mentioned above, went on to be rewarded, promoted, and receive his full pension.) /For more on Joe Barboza, read Casey Sherman’s, Animal/

The interview with Dan Rea can be listened to via the link below. I will say, it was heated at times, and a great learning experience for me regarding the stronghold the Bulger myth has on so many. It became a cult of sorts, and Bulger played no part in creating it! Hate is a strong emotion, and so easily invoked.

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