Janet Uhlar | Bulger’s Shadow: The Locked Secrets of an Infamous Legacy

Bulger’s Shadow: The Locked Secrets of an Infamous Legacy

The FBI has decided to stop releasing any more information about James “Whitey” Bulger’s case to the public. They’re saying that these files are part of ongoing law enforcement investigations and that sharing them could mess with those investigations. Even though Bulger, a well-known criminal, was killed in prison in 2018, the FBI believes there could still be things related to his case that need to be kept secret. They mentioned concerns about interfering with possible future legal actions but didn’t give details on what those might be.

There’s speculation that Bulger might have hidden a lot of money in foreign banks, which hasn’t been found. Also, some people connected to Bulger, like his FBI contact and members of his gang, are still alive and have their own legal issues.

The FBI is using a rule that lets them keep certain law enforcement and national security records secret, including anything about spies, their methods, or activities. They’re basically saying they can’t even confirm or deny if such records exist.

People who have been harmed by Bulger’s actions, like the family members of his victims, are upset because they think the FBI should share all the information they have. They believe the public deserves to know the full story, especially the dirty deals between Bulger and the FBI.

The whole situation was shady from the start. I believe Bulger was never really an informant for the FBI but was instead paying for information from them. Bulger had involvement in a CIA experiment with LSD early in his life, and it had a lasting impact on him.

The bottom line is, the FBI’s decision means that many details about Bulger’s life, his crimes, and his relationship with law enforcement might never be publicly known. This leaves many people, especially the victims’ families and those involved in the trial, feeling frustrated and seeking closure.

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