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The FBI has decided to stop releasing any more information about James “Whitey” Bulger’s case to the public. They’re saying that these files are part of ongoing law enforcement investigations and that sharing them could mess with those investigations. Even though Bulger, a well-known criminal, was killed in prison in 2018, the FBI believes there could still be things related to his case that need to be kept secret. …

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Some contemperory biographies and editor’s notes have presented Nathanael Greene as a man who is thin-skinned, a frequent complainer, and even one given to whining. One has to wonder what challenges, depravations, horror, and loss these authors, so freely judging Greene’s written words to trusted family and friends, have ever experienced themselves? (To judge a man who had experienced enormous hardship one must imagine those sitting in judgment must …

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Quartermaster General Thomas Mifflin (a well-known and respected founding father) all but abandoned his post prior to the winter of 1777/78. This is the reason the Continental Army was in such desperate need for basic supplies when they entered Valley Forge on December 19, 1777. Men were sick and dying for want of these supplies. Six months later the Continental Army would face the British on the field of …

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One cannot imagine the turmoil within both the Continental Congress and Army throughout the American Revolution. Britain was a powerful nation with the most able army and navy in the world. The declaration of war from the American Colonies was akin to the scrawny, unknown, Israelite child David challenging the burly, champion, Philistine warrior Goliath. The colonists were keenly aware. The responsibilities of the Continental Congress were enormous. The …

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As mentioned in Part Two, Greene agreed with Congress to remain in the post of quartermaster general for one year. It was also agreed that he would choose those who would assist him. When the year ended Congress forced Greene to continue. They also decided to revamp the department and dismiss his chosen assistants. During his appointment as quartermaster general, Greene worked diligently to supply the army. Some in …

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