Janet Uhlar | Did AUSA Fred Wyshak violate the Crime Victims’ Rights Act by not informing the victims’ families?

Did AUSA Fred Wyshak violate the Crime Victims’ Rights Act by not informing the victims’ families?

A recent ruling of Federal Judge Kenneth A. Marra in Florida (see link below) caused me to think about the trial of James “Whitey” Bulger.


I can’t help but wonder if AUSAs Fred Wyshak, Brian Kelly, and whoever else made the disgusting deals with the murderous FBI agent John Morris; the serial killers John Martorano and Steve Flemmi; or the untouchable Pat Nee were sharing with their victims’ families the shocking proffers made with these co-operating killers.

Sitting through 10 weeks of Bulger’s trial, it was obvious the deals the AUSAs made were immoral. Martorano got away with 20 murders — and some of his victims like Roger Wheeler, Elizabeth Dickson (age 19) and Douglas Barrett (age 17) had no connection to criminal activity.

Flemmi strangled his own step-daughter, Debbie Hussey (age 26).

Of course both of them said “Bulger made me do it!” Never thinking Bulger would be caught; knowing that AUSA Wyshak wouldn’t let them go unless they gave juicy stories about Bulger. The juicier the better.

Almost half the jury didn’t believe any part of Martorano or Flemmi’s testimony unless corroborated with evidence. (Bulger was found guilty of the Wheeler and Hussey murder because of association with Martorano and Flemmi, not because we all believed he actually had part in it.)

As for the senseless murders of young Elizabeth and Douglas — that was all Martorano’s doing. He didn’t even bother to pin their deaths on anyone else.

I’m appalled that some federal prosecutors get away with such egregious deal making. I’m appalled that some federal judges turn a blind eye to the illegality and allow it. I have no idea of the circumstances between the Wheeler or Hussey families and the Boston US Attorney’s Office (DOJ) or that of Elizabeth or Douglas, but, if Wyshak’s deals were in anyway concealed from these families, I hope Judge Marra’s ruling helps them finally get true justice.

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