Janet Uhlar | John Connolly’s Release?

John Connolly’s Release?

According to reporter Ephrat Livni at Quartz (10/2/18) a “new Supreme Court case aims to close the huge loophole in US “double jeopardy” law.” (see link to article below).

The Supreme Court has a case on its docket this term (Gamble vs. USA) that could possibly result in the release of former FBI Agent John Connolly.  In this case, the Court will decide whether or not to abolish the exception to the constitutional prohibition on double jeopardy. Boston’s Assistant US Attorney Fred Wyshak used this rare exception (referred to as “separate sovereigns”) to bring state charges against John Connolly in Miami, FL stemming from a case that Connolly had already been tried and acquitted of in the Boston Federal Court.

According to James “Whitey” Bulger, Special Agent Connolly was Bulger’s informant–taking large sums of cash and gifts in exchange for names and information Bulger wanted. Though John Connolly was corrupted, he was not part of the murder the Florida Court charged him with–and neither was Bulger.

With this case pending before the , it’s possible that John Connolly will be released. He once assured me in a letter that when that happened, he would reveal the “entire unvarnished truth.” Such truth would, no doubt, implicate individuals within the Boston FBI and US Attorney’s Office, and in so doing, bring some stability to our judicial system!

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