Janet Uhlar | MKULTRA and the CIA: Is James Bulger “Guilty” of Murder?

MKULTRA and the CIA: Is James Bulger “Guilty” of Murder?

In the 1950’s and 60’s the CIA experimented on US citizens with LSD. It was referred to as the MKUltra Project. Those used for the experiment were not informed. When the CIA was exposed, they attempted, unsuccessfully, to destroy all records. In 1977, the US Senate called for a hearing to investigate the MKUltra Project. What was revealed?

The CIA wanted to create the perfect soldier; one who would kill without hesitation — without question. LSD was used to modify behavior; to alter the individual; to destroy the soul.

Who did the CIA use — without their knowledge or consent — for this mind altering experiment? Approximately 1,000 military personnel, hospital patients, college students, and prisoners.

Because most records were destroyed, we have no true knowledge of how many people were damaged or how many families were ruined.

Within a prison in Atlanta, 26-year-old Jimmy Bulger was serving time for robbery. He volunteered for a medical experiment to help, “Find a cure for schizophrenia” (so he was told). The experiment lasted more than a year. He received high doses of LSD numerous times a week.

Bulger never used his forced exposure to LSD as a defense for the murders he committed. He didn’t even realize, until I showed him the 1977 US Senate Hearing, that the CIA was attempting to bring out homicidal tendencies. He told me that he remembered being, “Hooked up to a machine.” He remembered the doctor asking him, “Have you ever killed anyone?” The answer was, “No.”

James Bulger remembered two other young prisoners in the experiment, “Went crazy.” One was taken out foaming from the mouth. The other was carried out, “Stiff as a board.” Bulger wondered throughout the years what became of these young men? Did they survive?

Since his exposure to LSD, James Bulger has experienced nightly hallucinations. He sleeps very little. When I asked him, face to face, if MKUltra affected him, his initial reply was, “Yes, you know I have hallucinations.”

“Beyond that, Jim,” I said. “Has it affected you beyond that?”

He paused, and stared beyond me as he softly replied, “—Yes. Yes, Janet, “—Yes. Yes, Janet,

it changed me—“

Another known victim, used as a guinea pig by the CIA when he was an undergrad at Harvard University: Ted Kaczynski, unfortunately better known as the “Unabomber.”

Question: Are Ted Kaczynski or James Bulger guilty of murder, or is the CIA guilty of the deaths of those killed by them?

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