Janet Uhlar | My First Radio Interview

My First Radio Interview

Enjoyed my visit with Dan Rae and his audience. People are always surprised by my presentation of “Whitey” Bulger. Indeed, Bulger is a criminal, and he frequently points this out in letters and conversations. Yet, is his criminality equal to the other criminals the Boston US Attorney’s Office gave “get out of jail cards” to for their information against Bulger? Consider the charges against Martarano, Flemmi, Nee, Weeks, and Morris (to name only a few). The combined body count of these 5 witnesses is well over 50 individuals! How does the balance of justice explain this? These 5 witnesses were facing the death penalty or lengthy prison sentences. Their testimony against James Bulger earned them their freedom. For that freedom, that said whatever they had to say. After all, Bulger was on the lam and they hoped he would never be found. But he was, and his story doesn’t line up with theirs…. They sold their souls for freedom, and perhaps certain members of the Boston US Attorney’s Office, Boston FBI, and certain federal judges did the same to obtain these tainted stories. The question is, who is telling the truth? Bulger isn’t going to receive a get out of jail card. He will die in prison. He has nothing to lose in speaking out — and, he’s speaking to me.
Going forward, my question is: Why did the feds forgive the combined crimes of Martorano, Flemmi, Nee, Weeks, Morris, and more in order to control the Bulger story and trial? Why are they so determined to shut him up?
The 50 plus souls, which the Court failed to vindicate, are crying from the grave….

Listen here to my interview with Dan Rea on Nightside: (“Bulger Juror” on 3/30/18)
Listen to it here

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