Janet Uhlar | NBC Universal, Harper Collins, and Comcast Duped by Casey Sherman?

NBC Universal, Harper Collins, and Comcast Duped by Casey Sherman?

A few years ago, I talked to Casey Sherman about my correspondence and interviews with Whitey Bulger. It was at the Old Barnstable Courthouse on Cape Cod. Sherman was promoting his book on Tom Brady.

Sherman had previously written a book on Joe Barboza–a case that rightfully shock Boston’s federal judicial system, FBI, DOJ, and the media. (Unfortunately, the shock was temporary and quickly forgotten.) When I approached Sherman, I presented the book on Barboza for him to sign.

Being naive, I thought that maybe, since he took an interest in the corruption of the Boston offices of the DOJ and FBI, and the Federal Court regarding Barboza, that he might be interested in my connection with Bulger. Certainly all the aforementioned agencies were complicit in the Bulger myth–as well as the Boston media–and the CIA!

Sherman’s response was odd. Rather than engage in conversation, he physically stepped back. He offered nothing. His countenance became somewhat twisted, as though repulsed–or maybe frightened?

Taken aback, I handed him my business card and asked him to contact me if he had any interest, or knew of anyone that might be interested in assisting me in presenting Bulger’s accounts.

Within a few months I read that Sherman signed a contract with Harper Collins for his book about Bulger’s life on the lam. I asked Jim Bulger and Catherine Greig if they had been contacted by Sherman–or anyone associated with him. The answer from both was, “No.”

Since the murder of Jim Bulger, my understanding is that Sherman has decided to cover that aspect of the story as well.

Casey–I still have more than 70 letters (the last one received 10 days before Bulger’s murder). I still have personal information from our 15 hours of conversation. Casey, are you interested in getting beyond the myth?

I can’t help but wonder if Harper Collins, NBC Universal, Comcast, or Double Nickel know that Sherman wasn’t interested in Bulger’s accounts of his life on the lam or concerns about being murdered? So, what are his interests in regard to this book?

No doubt Harper Collins will print and promote the book (lacking important information to make it credible). No doubt NBC Universal, Comcast, and Double Nickel will produce and promote their series based on this book (lacking important information to make it credible.)

Do facts matter anymore? Why have we become complacent in accepting fiction as truth?

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