Janet Uhlar | One Year Later — Still No Indictment?

One Year Later — Still No Indictment?

“Whitey” Bulger was murdered a year ago. The #! suspect has yet to be charged.


I have numerous letters in which Bulger told me about his health — and about the planned transfer to a medical facility. He had fallen out of bed a few times (Mkultra hallucinations) and injured (fractured?) his hips. The prison didn’t bother to treat him for the injuries — didn’t even bother to x-ray his hips for almost 2 months! Because of these untreated injuries, he couldn’t walk. He was confined to a wheelchair for almost 5 years. He had eight heart attacks while in prison. He was 89 years old.

The spokesperson for the federal prison system stated, during the transfer to the medical prison, that Bulger’s physical condition suddenly improved? Don’t think so. The prison official was obviously instructed to tell this lie. And, for the most part, few believe it!

Why was he set up to be killed — a set up he was anticipating….

The man (men) who murdered Bulger will probably get away with it. Nothing new — the Department of Justice hands out “get out of jail” cards to heinous criminals, of course it takes a bit of work in maneuvering the judges and deceiving the public on their part, but it gets done (i.e. Pat Nee, John Martorano, Steve Flemmi, Joe Barboza….)

In Bulger’s murder those guilty are already imprisoned for life. No problem. No indictments. No justice.

Clean, easy, done.

But, the question remains: Why was the Department of Justice so determined to silence James Bulger? Who among them should be investigated as accessories in this murder?

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