Janet Uhlar | Steve Flemmi — Killed So Many, He Can’t Remember

Steve Flemmi — Killed So Many, He Can’t Remember

As a star witness in the federal trial of former mob boss Frank Salemme, Steve Flemmi recently admitted that he was involved in “about 50 murders.”

In 2003, he avoided the death penalty by confessing to Assistant US Attorney Fred Wyshak his involvement in 10 killings and cooperating with prosecutors by telling them what they wanted to hear (didn’t seem to matter whether or not it was true.) Wyshak submitted a Rule 35 motion (offering early release from prison if Flemmi helped the prosecution obtain convictions of guilt for other criminals — namely Whitey Bulger and John Connolly). Flemmi didn’t go into a high security prison, he was put in a Club Fed with fancy food and well equipped gyms. And, at least $3 million in tainted assets were returned.

In a letter to me, referring to his own trial, Jim Bulger wrote, “[Flemmi] killed so many people, had to chuckle when he asked for a list. ‘I can’t remember them all.’ [Flemmi said] What a scene the trial was, John [Martorano] was the “Equal Opportunity Killer,” and Stevie the “Forgetful Killer.” Kevin [Weeks], “Low man on the Numbers Game,” and all forced by Wyshak to have his moment on stage. Wyshak denied my request to plead guilty to all charges if he freed Catherine, who never hurt anyone. No, he wanted her to play a role in his “Big Burlesque Show,” and now his puppets are free. What next? He prays they never get caught in new crimes. Only time will tell.”

Did Wyshak know about the 50 murders Flemmi was involved in? Did he care? We know the identities of some of Flemmi’s victims. Among them were Debbie Hussey. She became his step-daughter at the age of 2. He strangled her, pulled out her teeth, stripped her clothing off, and threw her in a hole in a basement (with the help of Kevin Weeks and Pat Nee). Flemmi said “Bulger did it.” What does Bulger have to say?

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