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The latest news regarding the murder of James “Whitey” Bulger is that the men indicted for killing him have made a deal with the DOJ. How interesting! Though Fotios Geas a Mafia hitman, and  Paul DeCologero a gangster who murdered and dismembered a girl, were seen on camera entering and exiting Bulger’s cell the night he was killed, it took almost four years for them to be indicted. Now, six …

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It’s a disturbing fact that no action has yet been taken regarding the October 2018 murder of James “Whitey” Bulger. No indictments have been made. What is known is that Bulger was brutally beaten by fellow inmates at Hazelton USP (West Virginia)–inmates were seen on video going into his cell. These inmates who following the fatal beating were, no doubt, covered in blood. Yet, 2 years later still no …

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According to reporter Ephrat Livni at Quartz (10/2/18) a “new Supreme Court case aims to close the huge loophole in US “double jeopardy” law.” (see link to article below). The Supreme Court has a case on its docket this term (Gamble vs. USA) that could possibly result in the release of former FBI Agent John Connolly.  In this case, the Court will decide whether or not to abolish the …

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