Janet Uhlar | The Release of John Connolly, Part Two:

The Release of John Connolly, Part Two:

Why was John Connolly given a 40 years sentence in Florida when his buddy and superior in the FBI John Morris was never indicted? In fact, the despicable Morris was promoted within the FBI and retired with a full pension that US tax payers still cover.

Why was John Connolly given a 40 year sentence in Florida when serial killer John Martorano served only 12 years for 20 murders?

It’s a peculiar story–like so many involving the Boston US Attorney’s Office. It’s a story worth investigation by an ethical journalist… But, they’re a rare breed. Almost extinct.

Connolly, according to Bulger, took large sums of money ($500,000) from him in exchange for information. Bulger claimed that Connolly was manipulated by him. Connolly certainly was dirty.

Bulger claimed that Morris also took large sums of money ($500,000) from him in exchange for information. Morris was dirty. (Revealed in Bulger’s trial-When Morris’s wife wanted a divorce, which would expose their finances, Morris asked Bulger to kill her! Bulger refused. Morris wasn’t happy he refused.) As the Feds were closing in on Morris, the Despicable One ran to the Boston Globe with a tale about Bulger they couldn’t resist, even though rules of conduct and serious ethical boundaries were trampled.

John Martorano sang his song for the Feds in order to buy his escape from the electric chair and a long prison. Weeks and Flemmi, desperate for their own get out of jail card, were able, perhaps with the help of the attorney they shared, to sing in harmony with Johnny M. when it came to Connolly (and Bulger!)

Johnny M., with his friend Callahan’s blood on his soul, blamed everyone else for the murder he committed. “Bulger made me do it!” Was the refrain in his song. “Connolly was involved too!” Became part of the lyrics.

Because of Johnny M’s song, harmonized by Weeks and Flemmi, Connolly was charged as an accessory in Callahan’s murder.

Assistant US Attorney Freddie Wyshak seemingly became adept at conducting his little chorus; then he went on and joined the Florida prosecution team in going after Connolly.

Part of the charge against Connolly was that he was in possession of a fire arm when Callahan was murdered. Whoa! That’s bad!

But, let’s think about this (without the Boston media telling you how to think) Connolly was an FBI agent. Of course he had a gun in his possession. And, that gun, along with Connolly, were in Massachusetts, not Florida, at the time Callahan was gunned down by his best friend Johnny M.

These facts didn’t seem to get in the way of the Florida jury’s deliberations. Connolly was found guilty of having the gun when Callahan died… Jeez!

Connolly spent 19 years in prison–more time than Johnny M. did for cutting down 20 people (12 years–do the math–less than 6 months for every murder).

Connolly spent more time in prison than the Despicable One–oh, yeah–Morris didn’t serve at all…

The way I see it is this: Connolly was a dirty cop and served his time.

Why is it that the Boston media can’t leave it alone? Why are they asking Callahan’s family how they feel about Connolly’s release? Why not ask them how they feel about Johnny M. living a normal life in a normal neighborhood as he collects his Social Security check? (Do you know who your neighbors are?)

Why not ask the families of Michael Donahue or Brian Halloran how they feel with the Despicable One never being punished for the deaths of their loved ones?


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