Janet Uhlar | U.S. News (NBC) Has Questions About What Led Up to the Murder of James “Whitey” Bulger

U.S. News (NBC) Has Questions About What Led Up to the Murder of James “Whitey” Bulger

NBC sent journalist Rich Shapiro from NY to my home in Massachusetts to discuss what I knew of Jim Bulger’s health prior to his transfer to Hazelton USP in West Virginia. In late October 2018, Bulger was supposed to be en-route to a medical center federal prison. News came on October 30th that Bulger was found dead at Hazelton USP — brutally murdered within 12 hours of arriving at the prison. (To date, no one has been formally charged.)

Why was Bulger at Hazelton USP? It was not a medical facility. It was a prison with a history of violence. Bulger, an 89 year-old, wheel chair bound, high-profile prisoner was deposited there with no protection.

A prison official stated that Bulger’s health had “suddenly improved,” and. therefore, that is why plans were changed to abort the transfer to a medical facility and send him to Hazelton instead.


Severe heart and hip damage do not “suddenly improve” without significant medical intervention.

Why did the prison official lie?

Who told him to lie?

Why was Bulger sent to Hazelton USP to be murdered?

The many letters and private conversations I had with Jim Bulger revealed a great deal about his health and treatment (or lack thereof) while incarcerated.

Sadly, the Boston Globe — a media outlet that helped create and sustain the myth about Bulger, beat NBC to the story. (How many of the Globe “journalists” wrote their articles and books — all based on the testimony of men who escaped the electric chair and long prison sentences for their tales against Bulger? Not one of them corresponded with or interviewed Bulger.)

To my great disappointment, NBC changed it’s focus of their story. Upon being notified of the change, I requested that they include something in the article that screams to be investigated: The fact that Bulger, at the age of 26, was made part of the CIA’s secret LSD experimentation known as the MKUltra Project. I was told by the author of the U.S. News article that so many readers responded to the inclusion I requested that an investigation into MKUltra is now being conducted by NBC

cia top secret files redacted

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