Janet Uhlar | Was the Bulger murder a setup?

Was the Bulger murder a setup?

Federal Prison officials state that James “Whitey” Bulger’s physical condition suddenly “improved” and that’s why, at the last minute, he wasn’t sent to a medical facility, but to a prison in West Virginia with a history of violent murders. Of course, the media believes whatever they’re fed by the federal officials. No one asks questions. No one investigates. I have numerous letters in which Bulger tells me about his health — and about the planned transfer to a medical facility.

He had fallen out of bed a few times (Mkultra hallucinations) and injured (fractured?) his hips. Prison didn’t bother to treat him for the injuries — didn’t even bother to x-ray his hips for almost 2 months! Because of these untreated injuries, he couldn’t walk. He has been confined to a wheelchair for almost 5 years. He had six heart attacks since imprisoned 5 years ago.

He was 89 years old. His physical condition suddenly improved? Don’t think so. The prison official is obviously lying. But, that’s okay, because “Bulger deserved what he got!” But, did he? He endured eighteen months of extreme doses of LSD three times a week for the sole purpose of modifying his behavior — perhaps even to the point of making him homicidal (according to 1977 US Senate Hearing on the CIA’s LSD project).

If you, or your child were subjected to such experimentation at the age of 26 would you speak out for them? No one spoke out for Bulger because no one knew the truth of the damage done to him, and thousands of others. Not a novel or movie for entertainment — this was reality. At least ONE THOUSAND military personnel; patients in at least 8 hospitals; students in at least 100 colleges and universities; inmates in at least three prisons…and random people throughout the nation. Not sci-fi, not a horror flick — REALITY! The Boston US Attorney’s Office altered the scales of Justice to imprison Bulger (the combined 100 plus murders of the 5 that testified against him somehow weighed less than Bulger’s crimes?) He knew too much about the depth of corruption within the CIA, FBI, and DOJ.

The intent was to lock him up, hopefully shut him up, and throw away the key! It didn’t work. So, they had to start a lie about him being a nuisance in the Florida prison (Coleman II). Yeah, I guess complaining about possible hip fracture discomfort to the nurse would be a “nuisance”, I guess asking this nurse for permission to wear a thermal shirt under his prison uniform when the inside temp.of the prison is 58 degrees and your 89 years old is a “nuisance.” (and she denied him permission to wear the shirt!) I guess asking this nurse for oxygen and nitroglycerin when having an angina attack is a “nuisance.” (And she denied him the oxygen and nitroglycerin!) Bulger was willing to forgo a trial, plead guilty and accept an expedited death sentence.

The Boston US Attorney’s Office denied this and insisted on their orchestrated trial. He was sentenced to life in prison — and, if sentenced to prison, he, as all prisoners are, was supposed to have some protection within the prison. It’s the law. Perhaps the Boston US Attorney’s Office realized they made a mistake and should have accepted his guilty plea and request for execution? Seems, they couldn’t shut him up once he was in prison (he was talking to me and others). The DOJ and Federal Prison System seemingly lied about sending him to a medical facility. They seemingly allowed the last minute transfer to a violent prison — knowing 3 inmates were only too eager to kill Bulger. They seemingly ignored these inmates going into Bulger’s cell, and the commotion their brutal beating on a wheelchair bound 89 year old caused. He’s been shut him up once and for all. After all, Dead Men Don’t Talk…or do they…?

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