Janet Uhlar | What has Become of America’s Un-biased and Investigative Media?

What has Become of America’s Un-biased and Investigative Media?

Will Jeffrey Epstein’s Death Shed Light on “Whitey” Bulger’s Murder?

The Federal Bureau of Prisons is under the spotlight — and so it should be. As should be the prison system throughout America.

But, do we stop there? Absolutely not! The corruption begins before men, women, and children are locked behind bars — before men, women, and children are thrown into solitary confinement (they call it the Special Housing Unit. Indeed, it is truly “special,” — so special, that it has been condemned as a form of torture).

“Wait! Wait!” the reader may protest. “Don’t these men, women, and children deserve to be locked behind bars and even thrown into the SHU?”

Herein lies part of the problem — there is so much corruption in our courts and in the offices of our district attorneys across the country that we can no longer be certain of the guilt or innocence of an individual.

There is a nationwide failure within the media, which tends to blindly accept the information given them by the district attorneys, that we can rarely trust them to present a non-biased and investigative report on the subject.

The media nationwide has blindly accepted the spin on Bulger, set in motion by the DOJ, FBI, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, WBUR, and even Boston’s NPR and PBS coverage on the subject.

Where are the courageous journalists that seek truth beyond such myths? Where are the bold journalists that dare to expose the dirty dealings of the DOJ and FBI? Journalists dauntless in exposing the treachery of the CIA against fellow citizens? Where are they?

Yes, Epstein’s “suicide” will bring attention to the murder of James Bulger — but it will be limited and brief to placate the public and the media.

As I have said again and again — those who sacrificed and died to birth this nation understood that a just and fair judicial system would be a structural pillar in its foundation. That pillar is crumbling (or has it already collapsed?). With its destruction, the nation’s will follow.

An unbiased and investigative media was established and protected to be a check against such corruption and destruction.

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