Janet Uhlar | Which Government Agency Bears the Guilt of Having “Whitey” Bulger Brutally Murdered?

Which Government Agency Bears the Guilt of Having “Whitey” Bulger Brutally Murdered?

It’s been many years since the murder of “Whitey” Bulger and still no indictment(s) even though the prison camera captured who entered and exited his cell. Why no indictment(s)?

Bulger was in transit to a medical prison when it was decided and announced by the Bureau of Prisons that his health had “suddenly improved.” He was sent immediately to Hazelton USP, unguarded, and brutally murdered within 12 hours.

Who cares? Right! After all, he was a murderer himself!

Few know that at the age of 26, Bulger was pulled into a CIA experiment known as MKULTRA. The CIA lied about this project to all who participated (which included 1000 military personnel, 44 colleges, 12 hospitals….) High doses of LSD were given to the participants over a period of time. For 26-year-old Bulger it was given 3 times a week for 15 months.

The CIA admitted in a US Senate Hearing on August 3, 1977 that the project was about human behavior modification and that they were leaning toward seeing if they could make an individual homicidal. (17-year-old Ted Kaczynski– the Unabomber was also part of this project, and Charles Manson had strong connections to operatives in San Francisco). A young US Senator by the name of Joe Biden participated in that hearing. (! We now know that the human brain isn’t fully developed until around 26-years-old !)

Bulger became aware of this Senate Hearing testimony in the last years of his life. He had specific recollections of the experimentation which supported manipulation of his mind. He continued to have hallucinations every day of his life since the experiment.

He was writing to 100 people worldwide about it. He was involved in setting up national interviews to talk about it.

Bulger’s health did not suddenly improve in Oct of 2018. It was a blatant lie! I have letters presenting his deteriorating health in detail. I went to visit him 3 times in prison. As a nurse, I visually assessed his condition. I have offered these letters and assessment numerous times to the media and the US Senate Judiciary Committee-they obviously have no interest in primary source information pertaining to his murder.

The reality is, someone determined that James Bulger needed to be immediately silenced (he was 89 and in very poor health, he was to die a natural death shortly–but not quickly enough?) The questions are: Why? And, how far up the Federal chain of command did the order to send him to his death come–DOJ, FBI, BOP, CIA…Who?

Does it matter to the people of America that murderers were created by the CIA? How many? We have no idea. How many lives did they destroy? And when will they take responsibility for the murders of their victims by admitting to it? At least for history’s sake.

Ah, who am I kidding-easier to kill Bulger…. Dead men don’t talk–or do they?

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