Janet Uhlar | Whitey Bulger: Beyond the Myth

Whitey Bulger: Beyond the Myth

How easily can the media be used to manipulate the public? Certainly, as Americans, we’ve been aware of it in other nations — fascist or communist nations.

But, it can’t happen here… right?

Without getting into the dramatic politics of the USA playing out before our eyes, both Republicans and Democrats are crying foul in regard to media coverage of their favored party. But, such manipulation of the people by media outlets is not new in America. It’s been occurring for decades.

Before the Bulger trial, I was naive. Since, I question everything.

But, the reality is that it is not the media per se that bears the origin of deceit. That responsibility belongs to those in power — be they government agencies/individuals; or wealthy and powerful organizations/individuals with an agenda.

A rather simple example, if one is willing to pull apart media bias and manipulation based on government propagation, is the Bulger Myth.

Plain and simple, the myth began with a corrupt FBI agent running to eager Boston Globe journalists and telling them a story that should have sent up red flags because of the violation of FBI ethics (and law) in leaking such information. But, the Boston Globe seemingly wanted the story regardless of ethical violations — after all, it would increase their sales — so they printed it as though true.

The story was furthered when criminals, whose combined body count equaled 100 souls, received outrageous and immoral deals from the Boston US Attorneys Office for their testimony to get Bulger.

None of them, at that time, believed Bulger would be captured. Why not tell the Assistant US Attorney whatever he wanted to hear to get out of going to the electric chair — and ultimately get away with murder and set free? (Almost half the Bulger jury didn’t believe the testimony of these star witnesses.)

And why, back in 1995, was this Assistant US Attorney so determined to get this questionable fraudulent testimony by giving these detestable deals when he didn’t even know if he would ever get Bulger?

Why did so-called reputable journalists from the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, and WBUR go on to write books about Bulger, based on this testimony, without ever going to the source — James Whitey Bulger?

Americans are easily duped it seems. When will we demand more of our news sources? More of our politicians? More of our government agencies? More of our prosecuting attorneys and courts? More of ourselves….?

View the video in the link below (if YouTube hasn’t removed it) to see how easy it was for those in power to cover up a national atrocity by creating a myth

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